Tricky Fast Studios - Team

Our Philosophy

Tricky Fast Studios is proud to create high-quality games for all audiences. We build games with pride and high personal standards to ensure everyone is satisfied with our process.

Our Team

Mike Handverger

President / Software Engineer

As an experienced software engineer and manager, Mike has had his hands on several large-scale projects in the gaming world. His talent and skills have been honed thanks to his experience and work with the Game Show Network, 38 Studios, Fireforge, and Subatomic Studios. Outside of gaming, he led the team that grew to 1 billion monthly page-views.

Ben Milstead

Software Engineer / Architect

Ben has been programming mobile games since the heyday of feature phones, with credits on dozens of top titles including Guitar Hero Mobile, Duke Nukem Mobile and Prey Invasion. In the more distant past he worked on game audio for Analog Devices and PC games for Macmillan Digital. Special areas of expertise include game engines, animation, procedural geometry and shader optimization.

Jonathan Soucy

Producer / Game Designer

Jonathan’s design and production experience spans many years in the industry. He’s helped some major Electronic Arts games hit the shelves, including titles such as Medal of Honor, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth, and Command and Conquer.

Jesse Comb

Software Engineer / Game Designer

Jesse is a digital architect and artist. His design and development abilities have made him a valuable asset to Tricky Fast Studios. Jesse’s versatility and creativity has stemmed from his work and experience with Warner Bros., Hasbro, Crate Entertainment, and Owlchemy Labs.

Alex Weissman

Artist / Animator

Alex has contributed his artistic vision to many games over his decades of experience in the game industry. Some of those titles include Caesar IV, SimCity Societies, and Microsoft’s Disney Fairies. Alex’s specialties include creating models, textures, animations, and 3D environments.

Alyssa Winans

Artist / Illustrator

As a freelance illustrator, Alyssa has been involved in a number of game projects. Contributing to Disney and Harmonix, 38 Studios, FableVision, and several mobile games, her impact on a game’s style is nothing short of huge.

Joseph Jacir

Game Developer / Technical Artist

Joseph has been working on games and animation tech for about a decade. Some of the brands and clients he has worked with include major Japanese mobile games publisher Gree, collaborative projects with Sega and Square Enix, and big names like Pepsi, Volkswagen, Harmonix, and Nick Jr.