Tricky Fast Studios - Team

Our Philosophy

Our teams are made up of proven game industry veterans who’ve worked on and shipped titles for top video game publishers and development teams for years across every successful platform including Mobile, PC/Mac, Web, server-based, console and handheld.

Our Team


President / Software Engineer

With 20 years of experience as a software engineer and manager, Mike has had his hands on many large-scale projects both in and out of the gaming world. As president of Tricky Fast Studios, he’s worked on AAA Mobile Games in big IPs like Star Trek, The Walking Dead, and Wheel of Fortune. Prior to Tricky Fast, he was a lead engineer on 38 Studios’ unreleased AAA MMORPG, Kingdoms of Amalur. Outside of gaming, Mike was one of the founders of, and during his time there, he led the team to scale the site up to 1 billion monthly page-views.


Chief Operating Officer / Software Engineer

Dave has been in the industry for over 20 years in various technical, management, and executive positions.  At Electronic Arts, Dave worked as Technical Director on many AAA titles such as Medal of Honor, James Bond and Boom Blox. He has since worked at several companies on MMORPG and Mobile Games including Star Trek Timelines, The Walking Dead, GSN Casino and Archer: Danger Phone.  Prior to joining Tricky Fast, Dave created and was Studio GM of Wicked Realm Games where he operated live games and worked with stakeholders to create new games for premium IP’s.


Technical Director

Paul has worked in the video game industry for over two decades, launched numerous titles, and written code for just about every kind of device capable of running a game. A generalist with specialties in networking and gameplay, he has worked with major IPs on titles such as Archer: Danger Phone, Star Trek Timelines, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, Nascar 2007, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Multiplayer.


Senior Software Architect

Ben has been programming mobile games since the heyday of feature phones, with credits on dozens of top titles including Guitar Hero Mobile, Duke Nukem Mobile and Prey Invasion. In the more distant past he worked on game audio for Analog Devices and PC games for Macmillan Digital. Special areas of expertise include game engines, animation, procedural geometry and shader optimization.


Artist / Animator

Alex has contributed his artistic vision to many games over his decades of experience in the game industry. Some of those titles include Caesar IV, SimCity Societies, and Microsoft’s Disney Fairies. Alex’s specialties include creating models, textures, animations, and 3D environments.


Senior Engineer / Technical Artist

Joseph has been working on games and animation tech for about a decade. Some of the brands and clients he has worked with include major Japanese mobile games publisher Gree, collaborative projects with Sega and Square Enix, and big names like THQ, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Harmonix, and Nick Jr. More recently, he has been working as a senior developer with Tricky Fast and has served as lead developer on mobile and Web GL game, Poptropica Worlds.


Senior Software Engineer

After his graduation from MIT, Andrew started his career at Turbine (now WB Games Boston) on the hit MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online. There, he patented a method for Dynamic Content Generation in Role-Playing Games before moving on to work on Lord of the Rings Online, 38 Studios’ MMORPG, Field Runners: Attack, and Marvel Puzzle Quest. Andrew now has nearly fifteen years of experience as a software developer, and specializes in highly scalable server programming.


Producer / Game Designer

While relatively new to the games industry, Lucas has honed his design and production skills by working on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, as well as the hit mobile game Marvel Puzzle Quest. Lucas is also a prolific writer, and has written numerous popular articles for the satirical gaming news site Nerfwire.