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Contains all the RPG Systems needed to build a complete game.

Production Ready

Professional quality development solution built and supported by a team of game industry veterans.

No Coding

Complete no code solution. No programming knowledge needed to use.

CAT RPG Builder

With CAT RPG Builder you get access to all the nuts and bolts needed to make almost any RPG-type game you can dream up. We’re talking fully developed features such as Quests, Dialogue, Combat and Inventory. Each system is ready to ship, but extensible to fit your project. And of course, all of them use the base CAT system of Conditions, Actions and Triggers. CAT RPG Builder has so many useful features and game systems built in that you will find the development of most game genres can be simplified. We did the work for you!

Note: Requires CAT Game Builder.
Some of the features CAT RPG Builder can put at your fingertips include:

  • NPC Behaviors – create Merchants, Patrolling guards, or big bad monsters
  • Abilities – build spells and other player/NPC abilities with complex behaviors
  • Combat – the Combat system is ready to manage damage, health, attacking and all the other bits needed for slayage
  • Crafting – hide ingredients for players to collect, create and distribute recipes for new items and let players outfit themselves with Items they create
  • Dialogue – a robust system for branching dialogue between players and NPCs. It is chock full of hooks for triggering Quests, rewarding items, or just about anything else you can imagine.
  • Factions – Govern the push and pull of alliances and animosity in your world
  • Loot – you can’t have an RPG without Loot! Create Loot Items, Tables and Bundles to give your game a deep and rewarding Loot experience
  • Interactive Objects – Switches, Doors, Chests, Destructible Objects, Movers and more are ready for you to pop into your game world and make it come alive
  • Spawners and Spawncamps – put together encounters for your players to trigger and then spawn for the ultimate challenges
  • Items – sharp swords, glorious helms, currencies, crafting ingredients, socketed axes and more can be created with the robust Items system
  • Progression – what would an RPG be without experience and leveling? You can make it as simple or as complex as you like with the build in Progression system
  • Skill Trees – Our Skill Tree system allows you to create any kind of Skill Tree variation you can dream up
  • Stats and Fuels – the bread and butter of RPG mechanics. Keep your min/max’ers up late at night as they try to unwind your dastardly maths!
  • And more!

Note: Quests are part of the original CAT Game Builder.