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Tricky Fast Studios has the experience, talent, and technology to take your game from concept to finished product.

Mobile Games

Tricky Fast Studios develops high-quality, mobile games of all sizes and genres using cutting-edge technology.


Tricky Fast Studios has experience with building and scaling many genres of multiplayer games.

Build Your Story

Tricky Fast Studios has helped dozens of publishers and developers deliver high-quality games on time and on budget. Our recent work includes The Walking Dead: March To War development support for Disruptor Beam, Star Trek: Timelines Facebook and Steam ports for Disruptor Beam, Wheel of Fortune Slots Casino for The Game Show Network and Poptropica Worlds for StoryArc Media.

Our teams are made up of proven game industry veterans who’ve worked on and shipped titles for top video game publishers and development teams for years across every successful platform including Mobile, PC/Mac, Web, server-based, console and handheld.

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